Sunday, September 11, 2011

A week in Speedpaints

It's been a busy week and I have some more speedpaints to share with you. Before I get to that I want to mention that I am in the process of building a new website where I will stream my hangouts from. That way even if you can't get into the Hangout you can still watch. I have a few more things in the works as well.

I also want to say thank you to all of you who have supported my Kickstarter Project. I am now more than half-way toward my goal. You guys rock!

OK without any further ado here are this weeks speedpaints:

Moritz Tolxdorff

Maro Mascaro

Adam B

Kim Beasley

Nathan Weinberg

Pete Johnson Community Manager for The Longest Hangout!

Michael Copeland

Ron Jackson

Steven Brent

Alex Balcazar

Shefali Burns

Peter Menocal

Ryan Techau

Robert Anderson

Arlis Bullard

Pol McGuigan

I am not entirely sure yet but I am hoping to hold another Cliffathon next weekend. I will keep you posted.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Cliffathon!

In order for me to drum up interest in my Kickstarter Project I came up with the idea of doing an 8-Hour Speedpaint Hangout session that I dubbed the 'Cliffathon'. I made an announcement on my page and the great Cam Meadows offered to stream the whole thing live at How awesome is that? Thanks Cam!

During the event I painted 10 fellow Plussers and interacted with many more.

First up:
Willie Bido

Next up was one of my earliest backers Mike Quillen! Thanks so much!

Next I had the honor to speedpaint the man behind G+ Recommended Users, Alireza Yavari:

Here is Tim Clary

Next is a fantastic storyteller and humanitarian, Bruce Garber. Thank you for keeping us entertained while I painted your pic and for the contacts you have set me up with I can't thank you enough.

Next up is Ahmed Zeeshan followed a few paintings later by his girlfriend Caroline Hale:

Here is Chris Lira:

After waiting patiently for several hours it came time for Tony Rouse who recorded his and posted it:

This one was probably the most fun to paint, the man in the fuzzy pink hat, Mike Stenger!

The last one of the night that I did was of poor Robert Anderson this one was so unsuccesful I didn't bother saving it. The reasons it was an epic fail are many among them: bad cam, bad lighting, but most of all it is really hard to paint while laughing hysterically as I was during it. If you were there or were watching the Livestream than you know why. I will definitely be doing a proper one of him soon.

Thank you to all who either watched or hung out. I hope to do another one of these soon. Stay tuned for time and date.....

It's Friday Friday

I held a Speedpaint Hangout Friday night during which I painted:

George Rodenbaugh

William Pitts

And Srikanth Chandrasekaran

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday Funday

Here are three from yesterdays Hangout:
Kristopher Jordy

Lucas Johnson

Amanda Blain who runs Girlfriend Social

Thank you all for making my Monday more fun!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Hangouts!

We just had a visit from Hurricane Irene. Thankfully, there is little to no damage where I live, though in many surrounding areas there is major flooding. Near the beginning part of it I logged into G+ planning to just check things before what I thought was an invevitable blackout instead I was invited to Hangout with Ricardo Lagos. This is the Speedpainting I did of him during it:

After painting and chilling out for a bit I bid farewell and enjoyed the rest of the night with my family. Sunday morning I was back at it again and painted the following three:

Davide Cassenti

Paul Bucalo

Christa Laser

Thank you all for making the weekend that much brighter!

P.S. for those of you interested in funding my Speedpaint Hangout Project I launched a Kickstarter project!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two nights, Four pieces.

I have been getting home around midnight this week and each night I have done a couple of speedpaints (with the exception of Tuesday). Here are two from Wednesday and two from Thursday (well technically Thursday and Friday):

Idrialis Castillo

J.D. de Leon

Sky Daniels

Josh Flynn

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Monday Night Craziness!

Monday night was a first for me. Being broadcasted live via YouTube across the webisphere. What an insane adventure.

Earlier in the day I announced that I would be speedpainting rising star Daria Musk around midnight EST. I knew it would be a busy hangout but I didn't realize how busy it would prove to be.

When I got home from my 'day job' at 11:55 I logged in to find that the amazing body painter, Paul Roustan had the forsight to invite me to a Hangout in order to guarantee his spot. Michael Haider who has sat in on several Hangouts was also ready and waiting (though he graciously bowed out when he learned it was going to be streamed in order to let others in). I joined the Hangout and invited Daria in. Wasn't long before the place filled up (actually it over-filled somehow we managed to have 11 people in there).

Michael Mozart of Jeepers Media is one of those that joined in. He is the one responsible for broadcasting it live. He took awhile to set up which is a good thing because it gave a chance for some of my nerves to settle.

Finally I began speedpainting Daria. While it didn't come out as great as I would have liked given the wide audience, I think it came out fairly well for laughing the entire time. Mike is one very funny person. Coming back the next day I noticed that I kind of skewed her face a bit because I wasn't diligent about constantly mirroring the image to counter-act that so I made a few slight adjustments. Here is the result (I accidentally saved the file over the original so I no longer have the unaltered version but it is in my G+ album):

After finishing the one of Daria I couldn't help but speedpaint Mike himself:

A big thank you to Daria and Mike and everyone else who joined in. I had a blast.